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Capturing issues over http in iOS & Android mobile apps and watchOS apps

Robin Alex Panicker
Software Engineer. Architecting Finotes - an SDK that autodetect bugs in mobile apps.
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Most mobile apps work in tandem with a backend application to which the apps need to communicate as and when required. It's well known that any interaction with an external system will have higher chance of inducing issues. Communicating with backend application over http / https is no exception.

Common issues while handling http calls.

  1. Server returning error status codes
  2. Server side exception and a 500 error response
  3. Delay beyond reasonable limits in getting response
  4. Duplicate requests with same payload being send to the server with in millisecond gap. (Yes, this is a very common bug that goes unnoticed)

Some of the issues, especially the second one in above list, are caused by bugs in server. But most often issues could be the result of wrong data being send from the app. Even for those issues caused by the server, having a log of the request body and headers would help in identifying the root cause.

Using Finotes to handle http issues

So how do you capture these issues in your mobile apps? Finotes provides an easy mechanism to track such bugs and report issues with relevant data points to reproduce them. Such data include the request and response headers, body, device data, device state data, bandwidth availability and such.

Also Finotes provides a call back mechanism when a bug is encountered, and this will help you gracefully handle the situation.

Do try Finotes by visiting It's available in Java & Kotlin for Android apps, and in Swift & Objective-C for iOS and watchOS apps.

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