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Bug fixing should be of high priority in your activity list, if you are a programmer.

Robin Alex Panicker
Software Engineer. Architecting Finotes - an SDK that autodetect bugs in mobile apps.
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In one of our sales meetings, a participant from their side, a mobile app developer, told us that their app has very low bug count and most of them are of low priority. They are happy with their play store rating of 4.4. That was almost an year back. They didn't convert.

Today I happened to check their play store listing again, and surprised to see that their rating has dropped to 3.2 !!! Looks like they got thousands of single stars in last one year. Review comments suggest that the app has become too buggy and almost unusable.

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Never take testing and bug fixing out of your priority list. Bugs do exist in software and if you think your code has low bug count, it could most likely because of inefficient testing. Leave the bugs with out fixing, and they will one day manifest as too complicated to solve.

[Background of the sales conversation mentioned in this post is that our venture Finotes ( is in the business of finding bugs 🙂]

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