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Inlang / ParaglideJS blew my mind 🤯

So I just created another SaaS product, (it's not released yet). It's pretty specific for the Norwegian market, but will need English translations at some point anyway. I also like to develop in English, and translate later.

So I wrote the full thing in English, except the front page I wrote in Norwegian as it's pretty "markety".

I sat down, googled "remix run translations". I first found the standard option (sergiodxa/remix-i18next) which I think is pretty good, but as with any other translation plugin, it needs some intricate setup that usually brings some caveats.

Then in this Github issue, I found something new and flashy, Paraglide JS.

Paraglide JS is now in pre-release and should fix all i18n issues of Remix. It is the most progressive i18n lib for JS by using tree-shakable message functions that only ship to the client what is used.

I tried it and it blew my mind. Even though it's early, it's 10x easier to set up and get going.

Everything just works and most of the time with better functionality than expected.

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Or auto-translate everything with
pnpx @inlang/cli machine translate --project project.inlang

It just works, and it's so good. The VS Code extension (which I'm using in Cursor) is also just released... but so good.

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I never write blog posts, but this was just too good not to share.

Get started with Paraglide JS

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samuelstroschein profile image
Samuel Stroschein

Awesome post. Thank you so much Roberto!

felixhaeberle profile image
Felix Häberle • Edited

It's so great seeing people use the end-to-end inlang i18n experience with ParaglideJS, CLI for translate automation & the VS Code extension for a perfect workflow 🤩