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👥 Here’s something new for you: Identity OS

Authentication has become so much more than just a login box. Introducing the new way to think about and build identity.

Sure, that’s still what consumers see when they are eagerly clicking towards whatever pizza, handbag, or Playstation pre-sale link they want to get to ASAP.

But it’s the expectation around what is happening when they click that has increased. Consumers demand the convenience of a seamless login but also want to know that their card details are secure and that their identity is protected against any breaches of privacy.

In the past, it was about trade-offs. But consumers don’t expect trade-offs, so that’s why we wanted to develop an identity operating system that lets everyone — from IT teams to devs — build authentication that works now and with whatever the future throws at it.

Okay, So That’s Why We Need a New Way, but...

What Is an Identity OS?

The Auth0 identity operating system (identity OS) is a cloud-native, adaptable platform for development teams. Built with extensible building blocks, the Auth0 identity OS enables organizations to manage the complexities of today’s identity management while also prioritizing the security, privacy, and convenience of their end-users.

Striking the perfect balance among these priorities requires identity to integrate a myriad of different services and creates a significant integration hurdle. Identity ecosystem operators can now manage these complex integration needs with the flexibility of full-spectrum code (pro-code, low-code, and no code solutions).

Customizing to the requirements of different development teams removes their need to focus on identity infrastructure when building differentiated applications. This level of adaptability is a huge benefit for enterprises that are confronted with converging use cases and managing the eroding lines between identity for employees, business partners, and consumers.

Sounds good, but...

What’s the Three Benefits I Should Really Care About?

1. It’s all about adaptability

If anyone reading this has never had to change their product roadmap quickly, then you are one of the lucky ones. With the explosion of consumer-friendly services made possible through digital applications, consumer expectations are constantly changing. That beautiful Netflix UX is what they expect from everything (even public sector services these days are stepping their game up). So the Auth0 identity OS is built to be as adaptable as your business needs to be, without forcing you into clunky legacy features that you will take years to strip out.

2. We’re living in a modular world

The best technology is the most open. There are so many amazing integrations and APIs being made by devs, so the Auth0 identity OS provides modular identity building blocks with integrations and industry blueprints.

3. Breadth rather than tiny boxes

Identity is converging, and the lines between “use cases” are collapsing. When we talk about use cases, we mean allowing employees secure access to files and apps through Single Sign On (SSO); or allowing a subscriber of a media service access via their social accounts.

The Auth0 identity OS provides support for the full breadth of identity needs.

Traditionally the identity industry has created single-purpose products for Workforce Identity, Business Identity, and Consumer Identity. But the company needs rarely fit into simple, separated boxes. The lines between identity use cases are eroding because rarely does a company only require one type.


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