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Big Heads - Easily generate characters for your projects

Big Heads

Hi all!

Today I launched my random character generator called Big Heads.

You can combine expressions, clothing, hair styles and colors into billions of different unique characters. Embed them on your website, use them in your favourite design software, or import them from the React library.

All for free!

Heavily inspired by Pablo Stanley's Avataaars

Go check it out!

Here's me as a Big Head!
A generated character depicting the author

Share your avatar in the comments! (You'll have to use a url shorten-er, because escapes the query params in the url).

Top comments (2)

b3kay profile image

Super cool!
Love it!

I just want even more variations, especially haircuts :)

I got some feedback though:
Maybe you could make the avatar sticky in the generator.
As when I change an attribute it scrolls to the top. And I cannot always see the difference. Would be great if you could see the avatar all the time while editing it.

Otherwise beutiful UI

robertbroersma profile image

Hey @b3kay , thanks for the feedback!

I might be adding more attributes if there's interest!

I like your suggestion of keeping the avatar sticky. I'll look into it. Thanks for creating the issue on GitHub 🙌