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Learn the recent technologies

It's the conference season again, find out how to stay tuned and learn new things.

1. Find the tech stack you like. I loved the Microsoft tech stack, I use Blazor (razor components) for my frontend, SyncFusion for special components, and GitHub for DevOps. I keep an eye on those topics.

2. Listen to podcasts or YouTube channels, find what's in the podcaster's eyes. I keep an eye on the .NET 8 preview and Blazor United tech stacks. Seems straightforward to implement and Microsoft already takes care of most of the tooling.

3. Keep a smell of what is helpful, for coders, GitHub Copilot already revolutionized most of the coding and we need to learn how to work with it.

4. Follow-up with someone who shares interests with you, attend the recap meetings. Just share the new knowledge with your mentors, no one will regret anything.

Here are what I learned in Microsoft Build Event:

  1. They are no better time to start moving local development workloads to GitHub CodeSpaces and Microsoft Dev Box. Especially, I can configure the virtual machine's specs.

  2. I need to keep an eye on the Copilots and Microsoft Fabric, those tools are great candidates for automating workflows. Furthermore, constant workflow reporting might never require Microsoft Excel spreadsheets again.

  3. Artificial Intelligence assistance is not for the future, it's for now.

  4. Always keep in mind with the question:
    How to outsource this workload to the computer in front of me or in the nearby datacenter?

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