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A good habit of Winget update

My daily habit of keeping my Windows 11 machine up to date.

First step:

Check my setting:

Move to update, make sure check update one more time after the Windows Security update is installed

Second step:

Check Microsoft Store for any update on apps, do it twice to make sure apps from Microsoft Store is covered.

Third step:

Open Windows Terminal

Type the following command:

winget upgrade


winget update

Try the following CLI statement

winget upgrade --all

or update one-by-one with a format

winget upgrade <ApplicationId>

One example can be

winget upgrade Microsoft.Azd

Not sure if there is a way besides making a PowerShell script and running it to upgrade everything at once.

Last step

Open my Visual Studio Code - Insiders, and let it update its extensions, if it needs reload, just do it.

Do it daily and you will keep up with your computer's upgrade needs.

My first post, and hope you like it.

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