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I publish on my own blog, and publish through canonical links (that forwards to my blog) on

Always own your platform.


Interesting read! Maybe I should reconsider keeping everything purely in dev.


With the current landscape for static websites (a context in which a blog fits perfectly), I'd say to take a look and try out a few available solutions.

  • Static site generators: LOTS OF THEM, or even better, make your own! (did mine for my blog, fits in around 300 lines of node)
  • Hosting: Github pages, Gitlab pages, Netlify pages, are four completely free options that perfectly fit the static landscape (the two last solutions provide some gadgets for a small fee, if you want to have a bit of "dynamic" stuff without the hassle of maintaining a back-end).

Thank you! I hadn't thought of it in terms of how companies will manage or control your content. Not that I believe that DEV would do this, but your advice is sound.


I've been seeing seemingly "good" platforms die or change towards the bad enough to distrust by default the platforms and vendor-locked services I use.

I helped debug and am a moderator, now, and I appreciate the platform, but keeping on managing my own personal website allows me to do a bit more:

  • I have a fully customized website I manage by myself (including its content, structure, etc.)
  • I can cross-post / reference to pretty much anywhere, every cross-post being a mirror of my website, the source of truth question is simply answered: I (my website) am the only source of truth, and if any mirror contains a different version, it should assume that the mirror's version is invalid.

Besides, it looks cool on one's resume.


No one thought or would either and look how that turned out. Any platform could go under, be sold, or have a change of heart about how it treats the people that use it.


I wish I could ❤ this more than once. is vital, but its important to own your own platform.


I have a (tiny) blog at which is created with Hakyll, a haskell static site generator.

I may create content here or their first and thenjust re-publish it instead of linking it.


I only use dev :) I'll be using the API to showcase my latest posts on my portfolio, but won't be rehosting them there - I'll just link to dev.


I'm currently reposting some blog posts from my personal blog to DEV with canonical links :)


I post on my own blog first and then copy to with a canonical link to my own blog

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