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Disabling Fedora ABRT notification

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I dont like ABRT because it spamming my fedora system notification. It kinda disturbing me, so because of the MCE ABRT notification keep spamming, I suggest to set OnlyFatalMCE = yes in /etc/abrt/plugins/oops.conf (you need root access to modify this file).

If needed, try to disable some ABRT related service. You can find it with this command

$ sudo systemctl -t service | grep abrt

for example, I got 4 systemd services:

abrt-journal-core.service loaded active running Creates ABRT problems from coredumpctl messages                              
abrt-oops.service loaded active running ABRT kernel log watcher                                                      
abrt-xorg.service loaded active running ABRT Xorg log watcher                                                        

Now let stop it (for current session) and disable it (for next reboot)

$ sudo systemctl stop abrt-journal-core.service 
$ sudo systemctl disable abrt-journal-core.service

$ sudo systemctl stop abrt-oops.service
$ sudo systemctl disable abrt-oops.service

$ sudo systemctl stop abrt-xorg.service
$ sudo systemctl disable abrt-xorg.service

$ sudo systemctl stop abrtd.service
$ sudo systemctl disable abrtd.service

Now reboot your workstation. You should not getting anymore ABRT notification anymore.

Note: This my current step, it maybe incorrect πŸ˜› and I do not encourge you to disabling automatic problem reporting (ABRT) for no reason because ABRT is a set of tools to help you to detect and report crashes. It’s main purpose is to ease the process of reporting an issue and finding a solution.

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