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Feedback on my website? Story- Based Portfolio for Professionals.

I'm creating a website that allows professionals like web developers, engineers, architects, ecc... To create a personal portfolio based on connected stories instead of a simple showcase of experiences and projects.

Take a look:

The main goal of this project is to allow these people to narrate their journey in clear and complete articles.
In my perspective, professionals frequently engage in intricate projects demanding profound expertise across various facets of their field.

During these projects, professionals often discover interesting details that are crucial for success but are not easy to showcase in a typical portfolio. Allowing them to share multiple stories about the same project helps convey these details without losing clarity in the overall narrative.

An example is my profile, in which I also talked about this exact project (myportfolio).
You can read the stories I started to write here:

A little premise:
This project started as an academical experiment to help me understand better the microservices architecture in software development.
During the development of the project, I started thinking that it actually may be useful for real people. So I never really validated the idea, but I now have this sort of MVP that I'm currently using as my personal portfolio.

I'd love to hear some feedback about the overall idea and about the current look and usability of the website.
Thank you very much :)

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