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How else are they gonna get subscribed users on their site? :D


That's what I mean - feels sneaky and unnecessary!

Let me test myself as a guest, and then if I want to store my results in a dashboard that can be shared, allow me to sign up.

If we will allow compare yourself with anothers without auth, we will have no trusted statistics, because many data from unsigned users

Your auth is your contribution to statistics to compare yourself with anothers

Couldn't you use the registered users for the statistics, but guests don't contribute to that data? So a guest compares themselves to registered user's data.

Or you only add every 10th guests' data to the system. With some way of verifying that they've completed their journey. Maybe a save button?

We will have much less statistic if we will not require registration
We tried to do this. And statistic is main value for user


We need to store your result to accumulate more statistics
You receive result from statistics from other users and contribute your skillset for it


How does one zoom into the map? I think it'd probably be nice for learning if you could zoom in, but I've heard hiring managers say that these skill bars are annoying because there's not a universal standard. Think about it: what does it really mean to be "better than 74% of people"?


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Hm, try now please


yes, know your weakness, but focus on your strengh ! ! !