Discussion on: What is your best advice for a junior software developer?

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Marcell Lipp

Always accept the suggestions of seniors!
And don't give up the first "shity tasks".
+Always understand the background of the problems: if it is not clear what and why are you doing use google and understand the issue in full details!

The background story:
As I started as a junior, fresh from the university I started at a big company. I had a lot of great ideas about how to solve the different issues, but most of the cases the senior developers on the team just told me that it's not really a good idea, sometimes with a reason, sometimes without that. Later on with time I understood that these were really not so great ideas as I thought.
So in my first year I got always tasks which were extra boring for me and I thought they are too easy. So I was a bit demotivated. In the first time I had still a lot of mistakes in these easy tasks. So first I needed to reach the level that I could implement these easy tasks fast and without bugs, after that I got more and more complex tasks. Every time I could successfully fix something I got something more difficult as next task and it worked well. After one year I was working on really interesting and challenging tasks and I was able to achieve them.