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Best Software Engineer Blogs for 2021

There’s no doubt that software engineering is one of the most developing fields in the globe today. Did you know it has a constant flow of new languages, lifesaving tools, and ground-breaking frameworks being launched every year?

The blazing-fast iteration cycles and the bias of the tech sector towards open-sourcing innovations could suggest that even the most forward-thinking programmers risk seeing their capabilities being out of date. That’s especially true if they do not take care to remain on the cutting edge.

Most software developers today are open to their preferred programming blogs, niche coding publications, and tech news aggregators to keep ahead of the game. The landscape of famous software engineering blogs is extremely varied, continuously changing, and sometimes, taste-dependent. It can often be challenging to navigate for seasoned developers and new programmers alike.

Are you one of those software engineers who want to get your programmer career started on the right track? Fortunately, we have gathered top blog sites for software engineers of all levels to keep updated on the best the sector has to provide.

Martin Fowler

In this software engineer blog, you will explore articles and posts when it comes to object-oriented programming. Continuous delivery, agile, refactoring, and microservices, among others, are currently hot blog topics you will see in Martin Fowler.

Joel on Software

Joel on Software is one of those highly sought blogs for software engineers. Other software engineer-related blogs mentioned in the site might have more focus on technical stuff. However, the blog page provides useful insight into the business side of software firms. That includes a great explanation of everything from apprehending of new software concepts to selling customer-ready software.

Coding Horror

This software engineer blog is loaded with well-written, insightful, and sometimes funny posts. You have probably come across this blog if you are a software developer with some experience.
Jeff Atwood founds coding Horror, which is the co-creator of Stack Overflow. Jeff concentrates on human aspects of programming and offers a remarkable page on suggested reads for programmers.

Toptal Engineering Blog

The blog authors at Toptal Engineering are some of the globe’s finest software engineers. In fact, for you to become an author, you need to pass a strict screening process. Toptal Engineering is more about a general software blog. Nevertheless, the quality of their posts is so extraordinary that weekly tech niche aggregators syndicate every article. How awesome is that?
Blog posts boast superior level tutorials on advanced language and programming tips. It also covers common mistakes for even the pro developers to prevent, a plethora of code snippers, technology innovations, and so much more.

Scott Berkun Blog

Most of the posts of Scott Berkun highlights design and creativity that are very practical for engineers out there. The author himself has spent a few years at and Microsoft, which allowed him to obtain some engineering wisdom. Did you know that he has written a few books too?
Two of the must-read blogs for software engineers out there include “The top mistakes UK designers make” and “Are designers more creative than designers?”

Slack Engineering Blog

This blog for software engineers offers content from the entire team, from senior to junior staffers. The platform takes pride in sharing amazing posts on present challenges as they scale and build the engineering organization. This platform is one of those companies that is continuously growing and transforming.
The culture of Slack Engineering is composed of growth, impact, and mentorship.

Sentry Blog

Next on our list is Sentry. Did you know that this blog site offers open-source error tracking? It supports development teams track and solve crashes in real-time. Some of the topics their blog covers include technical challenges to the tech industry.
It is an excellent read for anybody who is seeking to receive more visibility in the realm of coding.

The Practical Dev

On the other hand, we have It is an open-source forum for software engineers and programmers, allowing them to share their expertise and questions about the field. You will love for concise and interesting articles are.

Pinterest Engineering Blog

You might find Pinterest as irrelevant in this post. However, their engineering blog is a place for a veritable cornucopia of coding and engineering ideas and insights. On top of that, did you know that the platform is designed on a Python tech stack? That’s so cool.

Facebook Code Blog

Meanwhile, the blog of Facebook Code is an excellent resource for those people who wish to remain abreast of the current team updates, open-source project releases, as well as future events from Facebook Engineering.
One of the best posts you can check on this software engineering blog is their “React 16: A look inside an
API-compatible rewrite of our frontend UI library.” It stood out last year. For sure, you will be amazed by the rigorous, comprehensive updates on the pulse of React.js changes and developments.

Rudder Stack

Ultimately, we have RudderStack Blog as well. This blog for software engineers offers practical approaches and tips for software development, integrating, and testing, among others. Here, you will explore news trends, tips, tricks, status reports, journals and entries, and announcements.

Bottom Line

You see, the World Wide Web is loaded with a plethora of software engineering blogs of all forms and sizes. Therefore, building a rotation of weekly publications, dependable blogs, and news aggregators is necessary for motivated developers out there. That’s especially true if you wish to stay on top of your field.

These programming blogs are for each type of reader, from students who want to enter the industry or to seasoned programmers who love reading about the best and latest tools and frameworks.

That is our list of the best software engineering blogs! Follow some of the content these blogs publish, and for sure, you cannot help yourself learn a thing or two.

Do you enjoy this list? What other software engineering blog do we miss? We’d love to know! Please share your thoughts with us by leaving your comments below!

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How do you think about the Medium page? I found lots of interesting articles but you have to pay to read them. However, unlike the personal or one organization blogs, it provides many notions from many developers as well as organizations.

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Liraz Postan

I don't like paying for content. We are surrounded by great content everywhere- it should be free- for everyone, IMO.

Sloan, the sloth mascot
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Jacob Meyer • Edited

It would be helpful to have links to all the blogs embedded in the article.