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So, I think Hypercard is dead because Apple decided they had something cooler. Also, they had trouble with color. But, a company made SuperCard and had great color. I used that for a while for multimedia educational tools. In fact, you could build stuff with such ease, you have to wonder while people go through so much trouble on the web.

But, SuperCard did not last. And, there was a guy who wrote Revolution with RevTalk. RevTalk is now LiveScript (I think). That is a write once run everywhere system. A Scottish company took it over.

I think that besides QT, LiveScript is one of the best cross-platform solutions out there. But, QT requires more work all around, yet gives you C++. But, LiveScript is about the fastest turn around in development I ever encountered. It needs more love for sure.

As for just rummaging through every computer language known to man and several natural ones, I have to say that I have never been fully satisfied. For complex languages, what you get is a crowd of people who are really snotty about little useless features and you don't get simple development paths. You get lots of hype. For instance, there is a common belief that Python will prevent bad programming from all programmers. That is not true, I have seen horrible programs written in Python. But, that does not make Python bad, it's the hype that's problematic.

I used to think that SETL would be a language in which Set Theory expressions could be used. But, I found out that some guys just wanted to extend the 'set' command line statement found in bash. (Correct me if I am wrong.)

I started a language def of my own. But, of course, who would fund its development? So, it's sort of a joke. github.com/rleddy/acai. I tried to make set theory language parsable. And, I even used the name of a food you might have at breakfast with coffee.

But, if you want to keep me from starving and would like a language that works for you, you could request that I do that and help out the ghost (who is starving) patreon.com/coffeeshopghost. - got to get groceries somehow.

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