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Learning AWS Day by Day — Day 75 — AWS CloudFront

Exploring AWS !!

Day 75

AWS CloudFront

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This is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) in AWS, providing globally distributed networks of proxy servers caching the content, like videos or any media, closer to the consumers, which reduces the latency and improves the availability of data and speed to access the data.

CloudFront VS Global Accelerator

Employees multiple sets of changing multiple IP addresses.
Pricing is determined by data transfer out and HTTP requests
Caches content using Edge locations
Optimized for HTTP protocol

Global Accelerator:
Provides fixed entry point to your applications via set of static IP addresses.
Charges fixed hourly fees as well as incremental charge over data transfer over your standard Data Transfer rates.
Uses edge location to find best path to nearest location
Ideal for both HTTP and non-HTTP protocols, like TCP or UDP.

CloudFront Distributions:
We can create distributions to let CloudFront know from where you want the content to be delivered, and the details on how to manage the delivery.

CloudFront Edge Locations:
CloudFront delivers content through worldwide networks of data centers, which we call as Edge Locations. When a user requests some content, this request is redirected to the nearest edge location for low latency and best possible performance.

CloudFront Functions:
We can write functions in JavaScript for latency sensitive CDN customizations. These functions runtime environment offers sub-millisecond startup times, scaling happens immediately so that millions of requests are handled per second, which is highly secure.

Global Edge Network
Edge Computing
Real Time metrics and logging
DevOps Friendly
Continuous Deployment
Cost Effective

Customers using CloudFront:
XXL Sport
Jio Saavan

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