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Learning AWS Day by Day — Day 72 — Global Accelerator (GA)

Exploring AWS !!

Day 72

Global Accelerator (GA)

Improves availability and performance of our applications with local or global users.
Provides static IP addresses which acts as a fixed entry point to our application endpoints on EC2, Beanstalk or load balancers.

How does GA work?
Traffic is sent from User’s client is sent to AWS GA
Traffic then enters the nearest edge location.
AWS GA directs traffic to optimal endpoints based on proximity to client, wealth and endpoint weights.
User’s traffic traverses global network to endpoint group in AWS region. Each endpoint group consists of one or more application endpoints.
AWS GA ensures that traffic is routed to appropriate endpoint based on performance and policies configured.

If there was no GA used, it can take many networks to reach the application. Paths to and from may differ. Each hop impacts performance and introduces risk.
If we use GA, these inefficiencies may be removed. It leverages AWS network and results to improved performance.

Instant regional failover
High availability
Improved performance
Easy manageability
Fine-grained control

GA supports BYOIP (Bring Your Own IP) facility, which lets you have your own IP as entry point.

Use Cases:
Scales for application utilization
Protects the application

Static IP address
Network Zone
Endpoint Groups

Example, connecting 3 load balancers which are in different locations with common endpoints

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