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Exploring AWS Day by Day - Learn AWS in simple way

Exploring AWS !!

Hello Connections, I shall be trying to help people out who want to learn AWS by sharing at least one service or article based on AWS per day. I have made some notes during my AWS learning journey which are in easy and understandable language, trying to share them with you guys.

Day 1:

Introduction to Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing - is when you use a computer/server which is provided to you by someone else. This server has to be accessed over internet by using a web based tool for personal or business server.

Virtualization - creation of a virtual version of something, such as OS, server, storage device or network resource. Virtualized compute environment over internet is cloud.
Cloud Computing = Virtualization + Internet


No Capital Expenditures or upfront cost
Highly available solution
Getting a server is easy
Flexibility & Error shield

Advantages over on premises - controls servers as per traffic, as servers can be fluctuated.

Cloud Service and Deployment Models -

Clou9d Service Models:
IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) - AWS, RackSpace, Azure
PaaS (Platform as a Service) - AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Heroku
Saas (Software as a Service) - Google drive, Google docs, MS Office

Infrastructure + Platform + Coding = Product --> Users

Cloud Deployment Models:

Public Cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Platform, IBM)
Private Cloud (HPE, VmWare, RedHat, OpenStalk)
Hybrid Cloud (AWS Outposts, Azure VMware Solution, Google Anthos, Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure)

Cloud Services Providers - delivers services & solutions based on cloud computing - Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Biggest cloud service provider with 33 Availability zones spread across 17 regions. Netflix, Reddit, Inc., NSA use AWS to host their applications.
Microsoft Azure - Second biggest market, used by BMW Group, Samsung Electronics, PwC
Google Cloud - Third, mainly provide SaaS, used by LinkedIn, Facebook, PayPal.
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