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I feel like this is a paradox. If i claim that I have impostor syndrome, do I really have impostor syndrome or am I just faking myself into believing that I have it? Or if I don't, does that mean I don't know that I have an impostor syndrome or I really don't have it?

Hmmm, Answer: 50% Yes, 50% No, 100% I don't know.

[EDIT: I don't know if I have Impostor Syndrome. I just don't want to claim I have one because I need someone professional who could confirm that I really do suffer from it.]


It’s really about self awareness - if you answer yes to this question you probably have it:

  • Do you feel worried you’re going to be “found out” as not being an “actual developer” by your peers?

It’s not much more complex than that - there are personal variations but that’s the main feeling. It’s prevalent in most industries though, it’s not unique to being a developer

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