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What is #IamRemarkable?

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IamRemarkable started in 2015 as an internal Google initiative.

Initially, it was aimed just at women and focused on empowering women to talk more openly about their accomplishments in the workplace and challenging the established gender modesty norms. However, the team quickly realized that the issues raised weren’t specific to just women - they applied to those from any underrepresented groups, whether that be gender, ethnicity, sexuality, ability…really any individual who differs in any way from the majority of their peers, as being marginalized can mean you are more likely to experience limiting beliefs or Imposter Syndrome and less likely to engage in self-promotion.

Therefore, the workshop is now available to everyone: whether you are, or have ever been, part of an underrepresented group, or whether you would just like to better understand the difficulties others face and be able to assist with challenging the existing preconceptions.

How does it work?

IamRemarkable workshops are usually a 90 min session run by the facilitators trained by Google.

The workshop will highlight to participants the importance of self-promotion in their careers and provide them with the tools to practice this skill.

Steps involved to be a part of the #IamRemarkable.

Sign up Here, to become an #IamRemarkable facilitator:

After doing Registration, Book a slot according to your availability.

After the training, you will receive the workshop guides and resources to run your first workshop. You will then run a practice session for your team/peers within four weeks to become a fully trained facilitator.

Responsibilities of a #IamRemarkable Facilitator

Hosting workshops for your personal or professional networks
Being an ambassador for #IamRemarkable
Filling out the facilitator feedback form after each workshop


All the FAQs can be found Here:

To Know more about #IamRemarkable:

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