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Joining Zuri internship.

Hey guys I am Rasaq Jamiu, I heard about an internship that will hold for eight (8) weeks. Am so excited because I want to change my career path which is presenting to me. You can click on the on the click and check them out .
I have gathered some resources to learn from to fast track my learning path at Zuri, check them out and make some contribution:

  1. for python tutorial.
  2. for Git Tutorial.
  3. for figma tutorial.
  4. also figma tutorial. I hope yo will find this helpful, you can also add yours to the comment below. Also guys I love cars so much and you can explore different types of cars here, feel free to visit you will love it. Thanks for your time and comments. If there is any way you can help in my learning feel free to contact me. Thank you for your time and I appreciate your anticipated contributions.

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