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UPDATE: She's mobile-friendly now, folks! :)

Hello everyone!

I am at the beginning of my job search, which inspired the need for a portfolio website. As I've been learning web development, I've always day-dreamed about what my portfolio may look like and have been eager to make it throughout my process.

You can visit it live here.

A few weeks back I had the idea to make the layout inspired by the Fibonacci spiral. It is both an ode to both my first love of photography and my current love of programming. I first learned of the "golden ratio" while studying composition in photography, and writing a program to compute the Fibonacci sequence was coincidentally one of the first exercises I did when I first began coding.

Building this website was a wonderful learning experience. For the first time, I:

  • built a React toolchain from scratch (and in turn wrote my own Webpack config)
  • used a CSS Grid layout
  • used CSS Modules
  • created an SVG animation
  • used a transition library
  • used relative units for font, image, and icon sizes
  • made a set of custom icons
  • deployed via Travis CI

... and it feels really good! I am so proud to have something out there that feels like it comes purely from me.

The next step is making it mobile-friendly, which I will also be doing for the first time. [see update]

And, of course, I am open to suggestions if you notice anything awry.

Wish me luck! With <3, happy coding!

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Looks nice! I’ve also released my portfolio recently and the experience was almost better than the final result. Check it out if you’d like dev.to/jcoelho/personal-website-te...

Love your name btw 😄


I really like the colors, and the font. You have really cool projects! I am planning to post something about Fractal Trees in the near future and for sure I'll link to The Fractal Machine. Hey and also really cool the domain name, I'm surprised it wasn't taken before.

I would change a bit your resume tho, to make a better first impression, more scannable (more keyword centered) and colored.

Thanks for sharing!


Thank you so much! The font is Noto Sans TC and it's available on Google Fonts.

Also, I appreciate the feedback on the resume. It hurts because I spent a long time making that custom design, but I think you're in the right, here. I'm re-designing it now :)


The idea is great 👍 I would highly recommend to iterate on responsiveness, ‘cos the site is hardly readable on mobile screens


Yes, mobile-friendly is my next goal!


Update: spent the afternoon making it mobile-friendly :)


agree. responsiveness is really not great.


it is updated now!


Some friendly suggestions:

Make the navigation bit less wide and give more room for the content.
Also maybe make the transitions a tinsy bit quicker.

Make the project button as the 'call to action'. Thats the most important part of your portfolio.
So maybe instead of having 'about me' as the largest button, make 'projects' button the largest one.

For the projects section:
Make the carousel buttons pop out a bit more. Make em lil darker since I didn't notice them right away and for a second thought you only had one project.

Also make the 'view live' and 'source code' the 'call to actions' and make them pop out as well.


this is awesome summer, great job!! love the pastel color scheme. < 3