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WhatsApp Contact Online Monitoring Tool

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When your crush 💕 be online 🤳 on Whatsapp 👀 get notification 🔔 in your Desktop 🖥️ and cross platform notification without any installed app in Smartphone 📱 and more


  • Play Sound 🔉 When Contact online
  • Online History 📜 Download in CSV
  • Desktop Notification 🔔
  • Cross Platform Notification 📲 💻 e.g. Android,iOS,iPAD,Macbook,Linux,Windows (No need Install App)
  • Monitor Without Save Number 🔢 in Your WhatsApp
  • Multiple Contacts 👪 Tracking with Mobile Number
  • Message Bomber 💣

Install Firefox Add on

Extension 🌐

Play Sound 🔉 when Contact become Online 🤳 and Web Push Notification 📳 and Cross Platform Notification e.g. Android(No need to Install any App) Download 📥 History 📜 of Online in CSV Format


Notification 🔕

Extension and Windows App (Cross Platform) 📳


Extension (Windows) 🖥️


If you 👍 the project, support us by 🌟 Thank You 🙏

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great, I would it be moreful helpful. If you share "How to create this extension"