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Nothing is Permanent

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Nothing is Permanent

Imagine a friend who you work closely with told you they have given notice at work because they found a perfect opportunity in another city. How would that make you feel?

Hopefully, you feel happy for them and the opportunity they have decided to pursue, but maybe you also feel sad in seeing them go because it seemed things were going to stay the same and you latch on to that feeling.

This happens to us all. We get caught in the feeling that things will always be the same and never change. We get comfortable with our daily lives and events like a friend moving can shake us up.

This is a good time to reflect on why we feel things are permanent. Instead of worrying about how their decision affects us we can focus on them and be genuinely happy for them. Look at the amazing opportunity they have decided to pursue. Think about how this will help them achieve their goals.

So the next time a big change happens in your life remember that nothing is permanent.

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