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ShareKaro India,What is it,How do we create alternative One?

Share Karo India app,the app found to be the alternative after the ban of shareIT with More than a million downloads. This is the service that most of the Mobile App Development Companies are trying to capture on,BrillMindz being one of the top mobile app development company is capable enough to build these kind of apps

What is ShareKaro India App?
This is a file and a apps sharing platform where you can share the files between two mobiles which has the share karo installed on them since it is developed in India,it has all the local language selection involved in it which makes the usage of the app easy for a even a non english speaking person

What features to be included?
Easy Login and Registeration
This feature must be included for the only purpose of both the sender and receiver being sure of from whom the file has come when they look into the history

Permissions from the users 
    The permissions from the user should be asked to access the files and the apps of the phone this is the main feature for a share karo India kind of app since you cannot access the files with the permissions of the users and if you start accessing the apps with out the permissions of the users, they might or will feel that the app is insecure to use

Send Receive Option
    The Whole idea of developing  the apps like Share Karo India App by the mobile app development companies is for file sharing and the both sender and the receiver option should be shown making the users easy to select either on the option,no user can be a sender all time or a receiver all time so both the option should be made available 

Authentication,a very important stuff for any kind of interaction between two mobiles with in app,authentication can be in the form of QR Code between the sender and the receiver when the file is sent and the sender scanning the QR Code to authenticate that the file is sent from him,the authentication can also be in the form of yes or no to the receive the file,but the only concern being they reciever will not be sure who the sender would be which is a security lapse

History Tab
The History option is a best feature for the mobile app development companies can develop as many users can keep track of the interaction or the transfer files,from whom the files has been transferred,which date and the what time.A option should also be made available to retrieve the file or a app is deleted from the phone

Share Karo India is the alternative for shareIt and people are searching more alternatives for it,Mobile app companies developing this kind of app should include these feature and We at BrillMindz one of the Top Mobile App Development Company In India,with good rated apps in the playstore,capable of building one

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