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How Much Will It Cost To Make A App Like Cars24

Digitalization is at is peek,cars24 app,a digital way of transaction for sellers for selling the cars and buyers who are searching the cars online . Cars24 was established in 2015 and has gained the popularity from the time it has been found for the kind of support and the experience they provide to the customer.Top Mobile App Development company like BrillMindz,with high rated apps in playstore will develop these apps with expert teams

What Are the Features to include?
The apps should have the easy to registration process asking for all the details required and a login screen with all the options of login through third party apps involved .The most important feature of this app is where the seller has to enter all the details of the car and save, the details entered has to be validated by the suitable customer care executive.For the Buyer the search should be properly categorized in form of variant,price variation and the brand.The option to book a appointment at the store should be given for both the seller and customer.The app Should have a shop locator to find the nearest shop making the buyer or the seller easily locating the shop without googling. There should be a navigator with in the app helping the users find the easiest road to the shop.After reaching the shop there should be a customer care associate to look into the whole process of buying or selling

How much does it cost?
The cost of developing the app like Cars24 can depend on many factors,factors may vary from the ui and ux of the app, a good ui and ux mean the investing a bit more on the designer,size of app,cars24 app is completely filled by the images and the data from the back end so the app should be sized to hold all of these data. The platform, the cost of the app also depends on the platform that the app is built it will be usually the android playstore and the apple store or the hybrid app can also be done, the costs will differ accordingly.App Developers,the developer cost always differ with the platform,experience and the size of the team involved in the development

Any apps can be developed with the good team, we BrillMindz,Top Mobile App Development Company,can develop the apps like cars24 with the additional features implemented according to the client requirement as we have the best team of developers and designers

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