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How much does it cost to make an app like PUBG mobile?

Mobile game development has grown significantly in recent years with an increase in interested communities across the globe. With the emergence of modern technologies like AR and VR in the industry, mobile gaming app development has been stimulated like never before. Different types of mobile games have become closer to people as they find perfect therapy to kill their boredom. Games such as PUBG have become extremely popular due to their exciting, user-friendly, addictive features. Recently, with the threat to data security and increased tensions between India and China at the borders, the Central Indian government had banned several Chinese apps than even includes PUBG. Inspired by its success and the void created due to the ban, many app owners are willing to create an app like PUBG. As a business entrepreneur, if you want to develop a PUBG game making software, you have to associate with a top-notch game app development company.

What is the concept used in PUBG?
If you are thinking “how to make a game like PUBG”, first you need to know about PUBG and its inception. The widespread mobile version of PUBG was introduced by a video game company from China named Tencent Mobile International Limited in February 2018. Mobile gamers across the world were stunned by the type of features and concepts offered by PUBG. Since then, it has been popular among gaming enthusiasts across the globe. The concept starts with dropping the players simultaneously at a lonely island. Players will battle for survival as the game begins to decrease in the area. The number of players is brought to a single player who remains will be the winner. Before its ban in India, the game had around 13 million active daily users and around 50 million registered active players. PUBG mobile had a vast network of professional gamers in India, who participated even in global competitions. Owing to these developments, the live streaming game market was evolved in India in recent years.

Points to consider while building an app like PUBG:

  1. Game Idea: PUBG was successful in India mainly due to its real-time gameplay tactics and user-friendly features. Players became addictive and highly engaged as the game included such exciting operations. Due to this, it is important to analyse and decide a theme for the game, plan the ideas, and develop on them to execute an engaging game like PUBG.
  2. Develop a solid story: PUBG involves an exciting story where users are dropped on a lonely island and dared to get battle for survival. Different types of challenges and goals always keep the players involved in the game. Hence, an app like PUBG must have a solid story to keep the users interested and involved in the game for prolonged periods. The story is the main pillar of such games and if you can accomplish this, your plan of building an app such as PUBG will continue expectedly.
  3. Stimulating design and visuals: Thrilling game moves, pleasing graphics, and adjustable resolutions is the major reason for the attractiveness of PUBG. Therefore, an app like PUBG must have all the required tuning options to let the players continue their game according to their chosen settings. A proper blend of exciting graphics, effects, and other real-time features will help in making your app to be a hit in the market. This will guarantee a good result in gaining game lovers' attention and help you to enhance your brand value.
  4. Type of Platform: Research the usage of app platforms by your customers before you decide on building an app on a specific platform. App owners might want to build the app on Native platforms like Android or iOS or go for cross-platform app development where a single code will work on different platforms. However, the android version of PUBG mobile is very popular across the country as the majority of players are from the same platform. So, if you are thinking “how to make games like PUBG in android”, then develop your objectives in those lines.
  5. Monetization: Main focus of any kind of mobile app is to reach maximum users and earn profit for the company. Hence, an effective monetization plan precise to your app must be applied before you decide on the app development. Some of the highly included plans include In-app purchases, ads, and premium versions of the app that will aid in getting substantial profit for your brand.

How much did it cost to make PUBG mobile?
All the above features to be included in the app will have a major impact on developing an app such as PUBG. PUBG game was successful mainly due to its optimal design and user-friendly features. Hence, these aspects will have to be carried out well with a sufficient budget to make your app stand out in the competition. The type of gameplay, weapons, designs, and other innovative features will have a direct impact on the development and involved charges. For instance, if the type of platform is android, then the game has to be tested with different types of android devices. Hence, the chosen mobile game development company will have a huge part to play in deciding the overall cost.

Bottom line:
With a huge following, the ban of PUBG has created a void in the gaming system in India. If you are looking “How to make PUBG mobile app”, then associate with an experienced mobile app development company in India such as Brillmindz. People are searching for engaging multi-level games like PUBG like never before. It has increased to a higher level during the lockdown stages of the Covid-19 pandemic. But there will be a big line of entrepreneurs who will want to occupy the vacant position of this popular game. As an app owner, you will be successful only if you join hands with a reliable mobile app development company that will guide you to positive results.

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