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How Can I start in the Freelance world?

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Joe Mainwaring

Depends on what your skills are, but I can share my own experience building up freelance work:

  • I started with my social network while I was learning. Did a lot of pro bono work to build a portfolio.
  • In addition to building a portfolio, I built an audience on Twitter and wrote blog posts about the different lessons I'd pick up along the way.
  • Eventually, I caught the eye of a technical recruiter, and got paired with a paid gig to deliver an iOS app.
  • That project opened up a path towards full-time development. That in turn, created more freelance opportunities as colleagues would refer short-term projects to me when they moved on to other companies.

If you're trying to kickstart things, A portfolio goes a long way in marketing your skills. I'd start there and then you can look at a variety of ways to market yourself.