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what you could do with rust

Rust is a language which reaches into almost all corners in the world of development, whether it is super fast server-side execution, or near native performance in browsers with webassembly, or game development, or making cli tools, or almost anything you could imagine.

For servers, there are very fast, async frameworks like actix or rocket, with a very easy to use api for a compiled language.

fn index() -> &'static str {
  "Hello Rocket!"

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There are crates like web-sys and js-sys to enable you to use web apis in your to-be webassembly code, and amazing tools like wasm-pack to make compiling and using webassembly much easier :)

And rust has a great amount of targets already to whom you can compile your code to :) and many rust crates are available which hide away the platform specific details from you, so you can just focus on what you're making.

Rust tooling is pretty awesome.
rustup to manage rust compiler, components, targets, etc.
cargo to use and publish crates, and hide away the mess of compiling and linking and running the code.
and much more depending on your project.
And specially rust-analyzer (a lsp for rust), which makes programming in rust a lot easier.

Rust's website

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Sahil Pabale

Very cool applications! Just increase your writing's lengthπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚