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Rishita Shaw
Rishita Shaw

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Interview Experience: Google SWE Internship Bangalore Or Hyderabad Jul 2023

Background: Microsoft Imagine Cup 2022 India Runner-up | Azure Women Hackathon 2022 Finalist | Azure certified | NIT DGP'24 EE | solved 400+ problems on GeeksForGeeks

Experience: Full-stack Web Developer Internship in 3 startups and 2 Academic Research publications.

Application process: I applied off-campus without any referral. After around a month or so I received a test link for online assessment.

Online Assessment: I received the HackerEarth test link. ****There were two coding questions to be attempted within a 60-minute time limit. The timed challenge will automatically record your submission at the 60-minute mark. I am not allowed to share the exact question but I will similar question.

  • Question 1(Medium-Hard): DP-based question. It was really similar to this question. Link

  • Question 2(Medium-Hard): Bit-masking-based question. Given three numbers suppose A, B, C. find the smallest number X such that it holds the relation ((A|X)&(B|X))==C.

I was able to solve both questions in around 40 mins. I received an interview call around 2 weeks after the OA.

Interview 1 Technical screening(45 mins): The interviewer gave me a graph question. Implementation of the graph algorithm BFS with some obstacles. It was fairly easy but I was nervous and had a few mess-ups. However, I received another interview call.

Interview 2 Technical screening(45 mins): this round went very smoothly and went for about an hour. The interview gave me a simple string question which I solved in around 15-20 mins with pseudocode and call. The question was similar to this one. He went on to ask me basic DSA fundamental questions like map vs unordered_map, time complexities of various data structures like BST, hash maps, etc. After this, I showed him my project and he seemed impressed.

Result: A week after my Round 2 I came to know that Google have frozen their hiring and hence they won’t be considering my candidacy further.

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