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Termux hacks

Hacking with termux part1
There are a lot of stuff that we can do with termux termux is a Linux emulator which you can use it on either Android or on your PC are you can save window or any operating system. You can install various packages like Kali Linux you can work on it as you are on Linux.

So here is a part 1 of hacking with termux in this post I am going to make you learn how you can download latest version of termux.

This is the YouTube video showing how to download termux in your Android application or in your smartphone

Step1-go to

Step2–download fdroid

Step3– install f-droid

Step4–search for termux

Step5– download and install termux

Now open termux your termux is ready to do cool stuffs from sending enormous SMS to the hacking Android application.

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