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How to expand a Linux partition using GParted?

Your Ubuntu virtual machine is running low on storage space, simply power it off and allocate more virtual hard drive space via the hypervisor settings.

Good job! Power the VM and have a look at your achievement.

Step 2

In this scenario, the VM was initially allocated 20GB, then an additional of 10GB was added.

Now, how do you claim that precious 10GB?

1- Open GParted app.
Step 1

install via Ubuntu Software Manager or via the command line:

sudo apt-get install gparted

2- Select the current partition which you want to grow/increase.
3- Then click on the orange arrow.
Step 3

4- Drag the slider to the right, to select all of the unallocated space.
Step 4

5- Make sure you are happy with the numbers of bytes 😄 .
Step 5

6- Confirm your selection.
Step 6

7- ⚠️ Read the warning message and think twice before clicking the button.
Step 7

8- Job done! ✔️✔️✔️
Step 8

Oh, I forget to mention! Backup all your important data before attempting this delicate procedure. You have been notified.

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