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Discussion on: Faster Rust development on AWS EC2 with VSCode

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This comment arrived in an email from someone who is not a Dev.To member ...

I just read your blog post and I was honestly wondering why one would buy a 1000$ NUC as a build machine. Since you probably meant Intel NUC 9 Extreme Kit NUC9i5QNX I have to say that would probably not be my first choice for building rust. One problem is that these small form factor PCs usually don't have adequate cooling for the CPU to run at full throttle. The more obvious problem is that with Intel, and especially with their NUCs you don't really get the most bang for the buck (especially for Rust compilation).

If you'd give me 1000$ to select a Rust build server, I would probably choose an AMD Ryzen 3900X processor. Not only does it have significantly better single core performance (according to Geekbench) but it has 12 Cores (24 threads) and it "only" costs about 500$, leaving 500$ spare to build a computer around it (which should be more than enough).

Also I'm quite certain you would get much more than a 2 year useful lifespan out of that computer.