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December Favourites. The Tech edition. 2019

Following the infamous YouTube trend in the beauty community to post about your favorite things at the end of each month, I decided to go the same route and share what I have managed to for the last 30 days, all completely programming related.

Best of Tech Articles

One of the best explanations of an alternative usage when it comes to the web worker API:

REST API design guidelines: something small and simple you can read on a bus to work and use it as a reference later:

In a way an eye-opening article on a popular myth I have always believed in about color contrast in the web:

Security on the web (from cookies in your browser to backend authentification strategy), I love a good practical-tip type of articles:

Something on Performance, image optimisation was a really interesting topic:

JavaScript patterns: this time I needed a little reminder on how JS decorators work. A really good article that explains partially how decorators can be used for the current web apps:

Blogs You Should Follow:

  1. A non-trivial, quirky way to blog about tech, recommended to me by one of my new colleagues:

  2. One of the best and most consistent tech bloggers I discovered this month on Medium:

Tech Publication I Discovered

  1. A website with one article every day, like a calendar:

  2. A good publication with quality articles on front-end:

Started Reading

  1. Purchased and started reading a very hands-on practical book on web security, totally worth your money:

  2. A free book for people beginning their career in coding:

Libraries I Discovered

A library that solves the problem of pre-fetching the input options, something small and handy, I definitely will use it more in the future:

Something about Functional Programming

An article I did not fully understand (but I am striving to): about the usage of lenses in functional programming to perform data mutations.

An Alternative Library

For people who are tired of tweaking bootstrap, offers a modular, more modern approach, using CSS Grid.

So I guess that is it for December!

Share your recent discoveries down in the comments and like my post :) Thank you for your support!

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