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re: Desktop: If you want Rich experience, windows / Mac is solution. Not everyone look for 'Rich Experience' . If you okay with terminal, go for Linux ...

While the Windows and Mac desktops are not bad (I used a Mac for half a year in an internship ages ago, and use Windows at work when I'm in office), I consider the Linux desktop even better, tbh.

Example virtual desktop:
The implementation on Mac I find confusing (but then it was my first contact ever with virtual desktops so maybe my fault).
On Windows they are a little half-assed (one-dimensional layout only, if you want to sort applications, you cant drag from one VD to another AND from one monitor to another at same time).
On Linux (KDE in my case) I don't experience any flaws with the implementation.

Example keyboard shortcuts:
Windows is a disaster here. I wanted to change some shortcuts so they are more like my linux system at home, but no way. Either you "download some suspicious tool that will also check for malware" or you "do these easy 11 steps in Windows registry and better don't mess anything up!"
If shortcuts are configurable on Mac, I don't remember.
On my Linux PC, I can configure basically every shortcut.

The console may be better in Linux but I use it not very often (if so, mostly from within VS code).


RDP client is different story. Anyway, My reply says 'Rich Experience' . Linux is wonderful . Out of 20 super computers all are Linux.

Ok, maybe I misunderstand the term "rich experience" here. And I don't get the relation to Remote Desktop at all, tbh.

RDP has reference of Virtual Desktop in your comment :)


Windows console isn't that bad today, you have cmd, powershell and if you work with git, you have git bash. Powershell is mostly for system admins, but it can replace windows file explorer and is as powerfull as linux bash (but in a different, windowsy way). I like linux more though.

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