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Idea of how to learn to code (again 😪)

First of all. Hi! How are you?
I hope you're doing well!

(I apologize if my english isn't good enough. 😊)

I have an idea of how to learn something new, I'm just writing 'cause feel good. And i want to share it with all of you as a blog.

What happens when you don't know anything and feels like shame to ask? (Nah?, Only me)
Well you learn from the red by your own.


  1. Learn to code fluid is a must everyone should have.
  2. You will feel like a superhero with all that power. (Write in the comments more od this, 👍)

Steps of the Learning IDEA

  • [ ] Code something from a YouTube video.
  • [ ] Code the same something writing the GitHub of the video.
  • [ ] More code of your old code in GitHub from versions of the two other steps.
  • [ ] More code as you go coding reading through your coding files. (Everytime you open a file, read it from line 1 to the end line and leave ToDo comments for what you should Fix, Implements, Re-Factor in the previous code, thats how you would erase the ToDo's but upgrading the Package.JSON version 👍💚)
if (visitor.isReading()) {
        `Thank's for reading: ${visitor.getName()}`
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