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Overcoming the Fear of LOCO(Lines of Coding)

Riean Esteves
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A little more than 250 lines under font-size of 18pxl,the worse fear rather nightmare for beginners. And if there is a comma or a semi-colon missing, the slightest error of spelling and the whole program goes for a toss. Fear of LOCO (Lines of coding)/ Coding is not exactly a fear but a mindset which sets you feared.

FEAR of a huge program
Attributes, arguments ,class ,method, objects ,function, parameter's and more.... and end-list list of these technical jargons. How frightening are these to hear and understand initially; but gradually with time one can ACE it and code with EASE! These are building blocks of a code and structure the program efficiently.

FEAR of LOCO(Lines of Coding)!!!

As a beginner a new IDE( text editors for coding) with some fancy language and amazing colors fascinating at first as complexity of code increases it increase the fear!
Now this fear, is it Fear of length of code? Confused with concepts? thinking its out of ones capability! afraid to mess up the hard work? tendency to error up as having knowledge of too many languages(java, c, python, html, etc) whatever the option the bottom line thereafter lies happiness when the code successfully runs at the wink of your eye! This lost happiness can be easily found if this minor fear is over-come. Coding is not an easy task like having a piece of cake and one should be in the attitude of "Oh ! This is not my cup of tea !" , this is where the fear begins in us.

The Question now arises :

How do we overcome ????

1.Keep a positive attitude and well planned structural idea in mind
Before one starts to code keep a rough structure jotted down. This will help to keep a track of your work pending/done , also it will help in building up your self confidence and esteem.

2.Learn coding from Good Resources
With Online being better preferred option rather than the tradition books learning ,there are various open source learning platform's that help you get better in this field
As a beginner / even later these are some sights I find very helpful to learn new ways/styles to clear a concept and to tackle a statement.( *The resources are attached at the end)

3.Master one Language at a time.
Don't be the jack of all and master on none, learn one language either C++ , Java , Python ;or whichever you feel easy the best.
No one is 100% perfect to learn everything in a short span of time and remember it at the wink of an eye . However there is no harm in re-watching videos or reading articles again to understand a concept. The outcome should be whatever the problem may be one has an ideal technical logic in-order to come up with a solution.

4.Don't Worry about the near future
Coders usually tend to worry and question themselves with What If?! This attitude is not very heathy always .Thinking about the future whether a code runs or no will affect one currently typing and having a clear idea set also one can tend to end up with multiple silly typo-errors. It might lead to a break in the flow of the process which eventually can create a mess in your code so Just stay calm and keep typing!!

5.Begin with Small Steps
However experienced one may be , in whichever aspect a small start has always lead to a wonderful turnover. Similarly with coding; Don't just get super-fascinated after learning some concepts and jump to a conclusion you know it all! and try doing something out of hand out of thought and get caught up with fear of LOCO.
Start small by this I mean break the complex problem in simple easy solvable steps
clickhere to read more

6.Google the best companion
You know the best answers to the solution is Ok Google!!
Searching and learning via google is no harm but yes one should know the subject and research more and not just 'Ctrl + C' & 'Ctrl + V'. but understand and add you own twist in it.

7.Reach Out
Reach out to the professional/ your peers.
*Teachers/ Professors (School /college/University)
*community learning
You lend a hand for help and then reach out to those who seek. A best two way learning process and most helpful way to overcome fear of coding.

8. Coding everyday helps the LOCO fear go Away!
Yes indeed, a small amount of coding daily helps you get a better in logical thinking as well as increases your typing speed. Some may find it funny with a bustling busy schedule how can I code everyday? But if one gets to this practice, there is no fear that can overpower your will power.

Lastly, LOCO fear isn't a harm ; well unless you overstress, and overthink about the outcome in future . Lines of coding gradually increases with experience and professional status or work load so.. break you work , and code with Ease. Remember to overcome LOCO you need to defeat he fear in your mind your hand will automatically work smoothly. As beginners just be a master of one and not a jack of all; it eventually helps you with clear idea of usage of tags parameters etc in your code.

  Links to the online resources
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