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Muhammad Ridho Anshory
Muhammad Ridho Anshory

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Next.JS + MUI v5 + TypeScript + Scss + Storybook Starter 📕

Lately, I was building a Next.js, MUI v5, TypeScript, Scss and Storybook for projects. I wanted to have a modern starter repository to speed up my development. A new boiler plate for Next.js with type checking (TypeScript), configured linter (ESlint), configured code formatter (Prettier), Sass / Scss for CSS framework with Material UI v5 theming, also Storybook to build streamlines UI development, testing, and documentation.

You can check a live demo at this url : click me!

You can also check the source code 📕 on GitHub: nextjs-ts-mui5-scss-storybook-starter

Here is the list of major feature:

  • ✍️ code snippet for react and next.js that I personally use
  • 🎨 pre-configured Sass, MUI v5, and Storybook. You just need to focus on building your components
  • ⌨️ Type checking with TypeScript
  • ✏️ Linter with Eslint and Prettier also simple-import

Please leave a star ⭐ or some comment if there's a issue! Thanks ✌️

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