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Intro to Git

What is Git? 🤔

Git is a popular version control system. It was created by Linus Torvalds in 2005 and has been maintained by Junio Hamano since then.
It is used for:
-Tracking code changes
-Tracking who made changes
-Coding collaboration

What does Git do? 👨‍💻
Manage projects with Repositories
Clone a project to work on a local copy
Control and track changes with Staging and Committing
Branch and Merge to allow for work on different parts and versions of a project
Pull the latest version of the project to a local copy
Push local updates to the main project

Working with Git 🤖
Initialize Git on a folder, making it a Repository
Git now creates a hidden folder to keep track of changes in that folder
When a file is changed, added, or deleted, it is considered modified
You select the modified files you want to Stage
The Staged files are Committed, which prompts Git to store a permanent snapshot of the files
Git allows you to see the full history of every commit.
You can revert back to any previous commit.
Git does not store a separate copy of every file in every commit, but keeps track of changes made in each commit!
Why Git? 💪**
Over 70% of developers use Git!
Developers can work together from anywhere in the world.
Developers can see the full history of the project.
Developers can revert to earlier versions of a project.

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