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Discussion on: Leaving electron.js to the past.

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Rico Brase

That's what makes the app faster and thats all that matters...

I tend to disagree.
It also comes with a particular disadvantage: You have absolutely NO control over the webengine used to render your application.

Just go back in time a few years, when Internet Explorer was still the default browser on Windows and it powered the WebViews in Windows as well.
Users of Electron apps could enjoy some fantastic modern applications, while Tauri apps (assuming Tauri would've existed back then, of course) would have to limit their functionality to be compatible with Internet Explorer (and/or ship polyfills, yikes!).

While this problem isn't as dramatic as it used to be, there are still some differences between the implemented features in each browser and you as an app developer rely on the OS developers to update their webrendering engine in order to fix (security) bugs, ship new features, etc.

With Electron, you ship the rendering engine by yourself. YOU have the control over the version of the rendering engine you are shipping. What features it has implemented, what bugs are fixes, what security flaws are closed.

Speed is a pretty significant factor, but it's absolutely not the single most important thing.

As in every project you should analyze which technology suits your project the most.

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Steve Pryde


I think Tauri has its place but if it came with an option to always bundle chromium instead of relying on webview then I'd probably choose that option every time.

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You mean like electron does? We have gone full circle...

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Steve Pryde

Exactly. I don't have any issue with electron bundling chromium.

But Tauri being in Rust is nicer for the backend.