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rubico v1.2 release notes

rubico v1.2 is out! Here's a summary of the changes.


  • flatMap; map + flatten
  • transform(f, init), reduce(f, init); init can be a function
  • rubico/x/defaultsDeep - deeply assign defaults
  • rubico/x/isDeepEqual - left deeply equals right? eager version of eq.deep
  • rubico/x/find - get the first item in a collection that passes the test
  • rubico/x/forEach - execute a function for each item of a collection, returning input
  • rubico/x/is - directly checks the constructor
  • rubico/x/isEqual - left strictly equals right? eager version of eq
  • rubico/x/isObject - is object?
  • rubico/x/isString - is string?
  • rubico/x/pluck - create a new collection by getting a path from every item of an old collection
  • rubico/x/unionWith - create a flattened unique array with uniques given by a binary predicate

Also renamed rubico.js -> esm.js. This is for esm imports like

import rubico from ''
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