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Fig - Your terminal, reimagined... with telemetry ( but you can disable that part ) 👾👾👾👾

Fig is pretty cool. It is GUI autocomplete for your terminal. Simple, effective. It also has a bunch of other extensible stuff going on but I am not covering it here.

Also, as user chickenimprint made clear in a comment on ycombinator...

piece of proprietary software that collects data on basically everything on your machine and is unavailable on Linux? Nice!

Welp, if you install it and pay attention, you can click a link and find out exactly what kind of telemetry it is using. Truth be told it doesn't appear to be much, but for you paranoid types you can just use this command

fig settings telemetry.disabled true

I just installed it and it does seem to be a useful little app.

And yes, I disabled the telemetry.

Discussion (3)

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Michael Kohl

Seen this a couple of times and I'm really not sure how this is significantly better than the autocompletion any decent shell (e.g. ZSH or Fish) already offers, especially considering that those don't collect any telemetry data.

fish directory completion

fish git completion

richclarke0 profile image
Richard Author

I agree with you. It's just more of a GUI thing. That's really the only difference.

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Ben Sinclair

Anything proprietary that claims it's disabled telemetry is suspicious.