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Discussion on: What is the worst question you have ever been asked in a job interview?

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Richard Schloss • Edited

"We're looking to fill a role with someone who has 5-10 years of experience with [buzzword framework], do you have it?" (and in my head, I'm thinking umm...that framework has only been out for 2 years...)

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Aza Author

Very common question. Especially i like when people put this range 5-10 years of experience.

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Yep. And don't forget: They only want to pay you as a junior dev. Some companies just don't know how much they shoot themselves in the foot with this kind of behavior.

The saying goes: If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

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I think you mean code monkeys. 😎

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Aman Sharma

I think they are looking for the creator of that framework, but they are feeling shy to reach out to him/her directly, so they are hoping that he/she shows up in one of their interviews. #ultraoptimism

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I think that this is a problem in general today, there are recruiters that are hired by companies and are given a list of objectives and requirements but of course the recruiters beautify them and if they are interviewing you there is a high change asking you question like this now knowing what they are dealing with. I am talking from experience, went on an interview, they asked me personal questions only and said that there would be a second interview with the tech lead but they never called me, idk why, my skills were never tested.