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A workout routine with Oracle DEV GYM

ricdev2 profile image Ricardo Dev ・1 min read

As developers , we must to find the opportunity to go to the gym and be healthy, count with an excellent routine for to see the results soon, but we don't have to forget that not just the body needs exercise, the brain too, and needs a special gym for that. But the gym what I going to say isn't a real gym with sweat and weights. This gym is where the programmers who knows Java, SQL, databases and logic recurring for get in shape with exercises to solve, improve the logic and participate in tournaments.

So, Oracle designed a website for practice, have a lot of exercises, tournaments and classes.

Oracle DEV GYM


Oracle DEV GYM register

You can check your score and trophies.

Oracle DEV GYM dashboard

The only this what you need is register and start the exercises. I hope this help you.


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