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5 Tactics In Typography and Design That Can Help You Ship Your MVP Fast and Good for Indie Hackers, Bootstrappers & Beginners

ricardosawir profile image Ricardo Sawir ・2 min read

Hi friends, my name is Ricardo Sawir. Follow and subscribe if you like to get more updates on what I make:

A little background story, before I jump into programming, I learned design in my university. I have worked as a graphic designer and have taken projects related with designing.

Now that I also enter into programming world, work as a programmer, too, what I'm going to share are some tips I learned along the way that can help someone create something fast for their MVPs, or even for someone who need it for their day-to-day job, or even for you who are just starting to learn about design, may be you are coming from developer background and want to grasp a bit about design, I hope this book can help you to achieve that.

With that in mind, I just can't wait to share with you the tips and I hope the best for you. So, let's start from out first point!

1. Always aim for contrast

You may or may not aware this but you may notice that heading is always bigger than the paragraph. And that's no coincidence. This is one of the basic design skill every design student learn. You want to differentiate either in:

  • font size
  • font weight
  • color

And sure, you can combine these, too. Usually between bold and big, light and small, and so on.

2. Emphasize important info

You just know what I'm trying to point at, right?

Use Bold or italic to emphasize, not just regular

3. One font is enough

Note: If you aim for MVP, I suggest use 1 font only. If you feel you understand font pairing, you can certainly try the middle type. Remember the 1st point? Aim for the contrast between 2 typeface.

4. Use color code #555 or #777 for paragraph. Safest Option.

5. Use color code #222 or #333 for heading.
Alright, I hope you find this useful for your work. Do you have any other tactics you are willing to share?

P.S. There are 29 more points more that can help you ship your mvp fast and good

If you want to see the rest, you can buy my ebook at

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