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SpreadIt: Social News Aggregation Platform


Welcome to SpreadIt, a cutting-edge social news aggregation platform that seamlessly blends cutting-edge backend technologies with a user-friendly interface to revolutionize the way you consume and share news. Powered by a robust stack of modern web development frameworks, including TypeScript, React, Next.js, and PostgreSQL, SpreadIt offers a scalable and efficient infrastructure for facilitating seamless content submission, sharing, and voting across various formats, including articles, images, and videos.


SpreadIt is designed to offer users a smooth experience for discovering, sharing, and engaging with diverse content types. It facilitates content submission, voting, and sharing through an intuitive and responsive interface. The platform aims to foster a vibrant community-driven ecosystem.


  • Content Submission: Users can submit articles, images, and videos effortlessly.
  • Voting System: Enables users to vote on submitted content.
  • Seamless Sharing: Facilitates easy sharing of content across various platforms.
  • Modern Interface: User-friendly and responsive design for an enhanced browsing experience.
  • Authentication & Authorization: Utilizes NextAuth and OAuth2 for secure user authentication.
  • Scalable Architecture: Employs scalable backend technologies for efficient handling of data.
  • Optimistic Updates: Provides a smooth and responsive interface using optimistic updates.
  • Infinite Scroll: Implements infinite scroll for seamless content browsing.
  • Real-time Updates: Utilizes Redis and Upstash Redis for real-time data updates.
  • Data Validation: Implements Zod for robust data validation.
  • Styling: Utilizes TailwindCSS and Shadcn-ui for a sleek and customizable UI.


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Tech Stack

  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Next.js
  • PostgreSQL
  • Supabase
  • Redis & Upstash Redis
  • Tanstack/react-query
  • Prisma
  • NextAuth & OAuth2
  • Axios
  • Zod
  • UploadThing
  • TailwindCSS
  • Shadcn-ui
  • BlockNote

SpreadIt's robust technological stack ensures the platform's scalability, reliability, and efficiency:

  • TypeScript: We leverage TypeScript for its type safety, enabling robust code development and preventing runtime errors.

  • React: Utilizing React, we create interactive and dynamic user interfaces that enhance the user experience.

  • Next.js: Next.js powers the server-side rendering capabilities of SpreadIt, optimizing performance and enhancing SEO.

  • PostgreSQL: PostgreSQL serves as our relational database, providing a powerful and reliable foundation for managing content and user data.

  • Supabase: Supabase acts as our backend infrastructure, simplifying database management and authentication processes.

  • Redis: Redis, deployed on Upstash, handles caching and data retrieval, ensuring rapid content delivery and improved user experience.

  • Tanstack/react-query: react-query enables efficient data fetching and caching, ensuring smooth user interactions.

  • Infinite scroll: Infinite scroll provides a continuous and seamless user experience, allowing you to browse endless content without page reloads.

  • Optimistic updates: Optimistic updates deliver real-time feedback to users, keeping them informed of content changes and interactions.

  • Prisma: Prisma simplifies data access and management, providing an abstraction layer for interacting with the database.

  • NextAuth: NextAuth handles user authentication, ensuring secure and seamless user logins and registrations.

  • OAuth2: OAuth2 enables authentication with various social media platforms, providing users with convenient sign-in options.

  • Axios: Axios facilitates HTTP requests, enabling communication with external APIs.

  • Zod: Zod provides type validation for API requests and responses, ensuring data integrity.

  • UploadThing: UploadThing streamlines file uploading, making it easy for users to share multimedia content.

  • TailwindCSS: TailwindCSS powers our responsive and stylish user interface, enhancing visual appeal and user experience.

  • Shadcn-ui: Shadcn-ui provides a collection of React components for building modern and accessible user interfaces.

  • BlockNote: BlockNote enables users to create and edit rich text content, facilitating engaging and informative posts.


SpreadIt is a testament to modern web technologies, fostering a community-driven news sharing experience. Follow the links below to explore the repositories, contribute, and witness the innovative power of SpreadIt in transforming social news aggregation.

Repositories & Social Links

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