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Auth.js V5 Toolkit: Mastering Advanced Authentication in Next.js

Welcome to Auth.js V5 Toolkit, a finely crafted repository tailored to elevate your Next.js applications by seamlessly integrating advanced custom authentication. In this comprehensive toolkit, we explore both client-side and server-side intricacies to empower developers with a robust, modular, and scalable solution for managing user authentication.


Auth.js V5 Toolkit stands as a dedicated solution, meticulously designed to streamline the implementation of sophisticated and customizable authentication mechanisms within Next.js applications. This toolkit establishes a rock-solid foundation and organized structure to facilitate the seamless integration of Auth.js V5, providing developers with a powerful solution for user authentication management in web applications.


The underlying concept of Auth.js V5 Toolkit revolves around creating a scalable and maintainable authentication solution. Employing a modular approach, each feature is encapsulated in its own module, promoting ease in adding, removing, or modifying functionalities.

Client-Side Implementation

The client-side aspect encompasses components responsible for rendering the user interface and conducting API calls to communicate with the server. This dual-pronged approach ensures a responsive and interactive user experience.

Server-Side Implementation

On the server-side, the toolkit introduces server actions and components. Server actions handle crucial business logic, such as user registration, login, and authentication, while server components take charge of rendering server-side views.

Parallel Routes

Demonstrating flexibility, the toolkit utilizes parallel routes, showcasing client and server components rendering the same information with distinct approaches. This highlights the toolkit's versatility in handling diverse rendering strategies.

User Registration and Login

Auth.js V5 Toolkit enables users to seamlessly register and log in with credentials or via providers like Google and GitHub. This feature facilitates a smooth onboarding process for users with existing accounts.

Two-Factor Authentication and Email Confirmation

For enhanced security, the toolkit incorporates two-factor authentication, requiring users to provide two forms of identification during login. Additionally, email confirmation and validation are seamlessly integrated, ensuring the validity of provided email addresses through a confirmation link.

Key Features

  • Next.js & React: Harness the power of Next.js and React for efficient server-side rendering and interactive UI.
  • TypeScript: Guarantee type safety and elevate code quality with TypeScript.
  • TailwindCSS: Expedite UI development and customization with the utility-first CSS framework.
  • Auth.js V5 & OAuth 2: Implement advanced authentication features for secure authentication flows.
  • Prisma & PostgreSQL: Leverage Prisma ORM with PostgreSQL for efficient database management.
  • Shadcn-ui: Utilize visually appealing UI components for an enhanced user interface.
  • Bcryptjs: Ensure secure password hashing with Bcrypt for heightened security.
  • React-hook-form & React-icons: Manage forms efficiently and improve the user experience with icons.
  • Resend & Sonner: Effectively manage asynchronous tasks and scheduling.
  • Zod: Ensure data validation with Zod's schema-first approach.
  • Server Actions: Implement server actions for authentication flows and providers.

Tech Stack

  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Next.js
  • TailwindCSS
  • Auth.js V5
  • OAuth 2
  • Prisma
  • PostgreSQL
  • Shadcn-ui
  • Bcryptjs
  • React-hook-form
  • React-icons
  • Resend
  • Sonner
  • Zod

Demo Images

Explore the sleek interface and advanced functionalities with our demo images:

  • Home Page
    Home Page

  • Login Page

  • Register Page

  • Settings Page Example

  • Settings Page Example Enable Two-Factor Authentication

  • Admin Page Example, Authorized with two Parallel Routes

  • Admin Page Example, Unauthorized with two Parallel Routes

  • Parallel Routes
    Parallel Routes

  • Client Page Example with 2FA Disabled

  • Client Page Example with 2FA Enabled

  • Server Page Example with 2FA Disabled

  • Mobile Navigation
    Mobile Navigation

  • Logout Dropdown

  • Logged In with Providers


In conclusion, Auth.js V5 Toolkit emerges as an indispensable asset for developers seeking to master advanced authentication in Next.js applications. With its modular architecture, robust client-side and server-side implementations, and a plethora of features, this toolkit offers a comprehensive solution for managing user authentication with unparalleled flexibility and scalability.

By seamlessly integrating Auth.js V5, developers can harness the power of Next.js, React, and a cutting-edge tech stack to build secure and interactive web applications. The toolkit's emphasis on two-factor authentication, email confirmation, and a variety of authentication providers demonstrates its commitment to enhancing security and user experience.

The Tech Stack, comprising TypeScript, Prisma, OAuth 2, and other leading technologies, ensures a solid foundation for efficient development and database management. The demo images vividly showcase the toolkit's capabilities, from parallel routes to mobile navigation, providing a visual testament to its versatility.

Whether you are a seasoned developer or just starting, Auth.js V5 Toolkit welcomes contributions, fostering a collaborative community for continuous improvement. Follow the installation guidelines, explore diverse usage scenarios, and fine-tune your experience with customizable environment variables.

In the spirit of open-source collaboration, Auth.js V5 Toolkit is released under the MIT License, inviting developers to explore, modify, and distribute this powerful authentication solution. Embark on your journey with Auth.js V5 Toolkit, where innovation converges with practicality to elevate Next.js applications to new heights.

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