Use dev.to as a search engine for Chrome

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Yesterday Ben wrote about dev.to's search engine and its value against the sea of Google's search engine.

I definitely agree with his post.

So I just added dev.to as a search engine for my browser, Chrome.


  1. Open settings and go to Manage Search Engines

search engines

  1. Add a new search engine, like this:

devto search engine

(unfortunately the keyword can't be "devto" because it's too short)

  1. open a new tab, type "devtoo", hit the space bar and search away :-)

search with devto

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Love this! I've set up something similar using Alfred. I can launch Alfred, type in "dev" and then a tag-name, and it'll autolaunch to dev.to/t/tag-name.


Cool, right from the desktop!


Nice one! If I am not mistaken, this can be auto-discovered by the browser if dev.to were to support the OpenSearch standard. What would you think about that, @ben ?

More reference:


Yep, I actually just approved this PR. Will be live shortly. It was sitting in our open issues and our newest teammate @twhite jumped on it.


Sorry for the necropost, but I just used this to add dev.to as a search engine in Firefox. Open standards! :D


Late last week, I submitted a new !Bang suggestion to search engine DuckDuckGo; so with luck "!devto yada yada yada" should soon be a thing.


we're slowly conquering the web :-D