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re: I haven't used Scala enough to comment on how it feels, but Ruby is able to straddle the intersection between procedural, object-oriented, and func...

This is increasingly true for a lot of languages, even Swift, Rust and Python, where functional approaches to problem solving have helped simplify things.

True that! My Python code is increasingly more functional and I think the natural namespace of file boundary in Python helps with that. Well, also having functions whereas Ruby has only methods. I don't use custom classes that much anymore in Python. Pass state between functions, inject dependencies, rinse, repeat.

It's also so much easier to test when you have side effects contained in a small amount of business logic.

Rusts' Iterator trait definitely comes to mind, but I believe Ruby provides a greater set of methods, and I've definitely noticed a functional-forward trend in C++11 (and up).

I am not complaining :)

If someone ported Enumerable to Rust and/or JavaScript in all of its glory that would be amazing.

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