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Hi unbug, there's a difference between Twitter and how DEV works.

In Twitter you obviously don't get a notification from every post because you only see posts (and likes and retweets) from people that you chose to follow in the first place.

In DEV you have 5 types of timelines: the feed, the weekly-monthly-yearly-infinity and the latest with all the posts. This means that if you follow 10 people you still see content from everybody. When you follow a person DEV sends you notifications from that person's new posts exactly because you decided to follow them.


I rather read my friend's post from a new timeline called "Friends timeline". Too many notifications make me want to ignore my real notification. Now I have to scroll down to read your comment. I totally believe the BELL is useless. I even want to make a Chrome plugin to remove it from the page.


You can open a feature request, explaining why you think notifications should be disabled or at least have a configuration that allows users to disable it for their own account: github.com/thepracticaldev/dev.to/...

This should help, both you and the team

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