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Hi Marcos, other than using RSS you have another option: use the articles API.

@timdeschryver wrote an extension to use it

Basically you'd take your markdown and post it to DEV via the extension.

FYI there's also a feature request to have DEV interact with Git:

Feature Request: Access my posts via ssh&git #220

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c33s commented on May 23, 2018

TASK or Feature

Request or User Story

i fear that this is out of scope of this awesome community, but maybe you like the idea. on gitlab you can every repo can have a wiki, the wiki can be edited via the normal webinterface but the wiki is a normal git repo so you also can simply clone the wiki repo locally and edit it, push it back or somewhere else.

it would be soooo awesome if i would be able to access my posts like ths. it also would make #219 obsolete


Seems good. I will take a look at this, thank you very much for sharing.

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